Brides & Elegant Glass go Hand in Hand

December is a magical time full of wonder, love and excitement.  For many couples, December marks the beginning of an engagement.

Then comes the days, weeks and months of planning for your special day.

Elegant Glassware

Elegant Glassware

One of the many items on your to do list is your bridal registry.  One way to create a registry that is as unique as you is adding collectible glassware to your must have list. 

At the Sanlando Depression Glass Show knowledgeable dealers can answer questions and assist you with your selection.  From deciding on items that compliment a china pattern to choosing a complete set of glassware, you will find it here.

The Sanlando Depression Glass Show is always the last full weekend in January.  It is held in the Civic Center located in the historic downtown of Sanford, Florida just 20 minutes from Orlando.