About the Promoters

Glen and Carolyn

We have been collectors of Depression Glass since the early 1970’s.   What started out as a favorite pastime developed into a much loved business.  In 1976, we became part-time dealers and did so until the mid 1990’s when Glen retired from Duke Power.  We then began to live out our dream of selling this beautiful glassware and traveling to many glass shows across the United States with our business White Rose Glassware.

Glen and Carolyn Robinson Promoters of the Sanlando Depression Glass Show

Glen and Carolyn Robinson of White Rose Glassware

In the early 1980’s , along with good friends Robert and Annie Lucas, we promoted our first Depression Glass Show in Greensboro, NC, and then one in High Point, NC.  The shows were very successful.  However, when we moved to South Carolina, the distance from the show area made it impossible to continue to promote the show.

The Sanlando Depression Glass Show has been a loved show of ours for over 15 years.  Each year, we look forward to traveling to Florida and visiting with our dear friends and customers.  It is indeed a proud honor to follow in the footsteps of Millie and Bill Downey.

Larry and Brooke

Brook and  Larry Newton of Sanlando depression Glass

Brooke and Larry Newton

Larry and Brooke started collecting in the early 1980’s to complete their mothers’ and grandmothers’ sets of glassware.   They became members of the Pensacola Depression Glass Club, discovering that if they ran across an interesting piece of glass during the hunt, it could be traded for a piece someone else needed.  Even while being stationed overseas with the Navy, treasures were found.

This practice snowballed into L & B Glass & China.   Larry did many shows by himself in the early years.  As the kids grew and jobs changed, Brooke was able to attend more shows.  After participating in shows for nearly 30 years, they both truly enjoy the shows and catching up with friends and customers.

Larry and Brooke look forward to working with not only Carolyn and Glen, but all the Sanlando dealers in continuing the work Millie and Bill have loved so much.