Written By: Carolyn Robinson


I remember, as a young child, my Mom treasured her antique glass.  Her interest was primarily in clear pattern glass and carnival glass.  Perhaps because this type of glass was what she remembered while growing up at my grandma’s house.   Another clear pattern glass that she especially liked had an Iris flower pattern.  She and my Dad would go to house auctions and occasionally antique shops searching for this pattern glass that had an Iris flower.  Through the years, my Mom gathered quite a lot of this Iris flower pattern glass.  My Mom would tell me that this Iris flower pattern glass was depression glass.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  Only, that for some reason, she really liked this clear glass with the Iris flower.  Years later, I did learn that my Mom’s glass pattern was called Iris by Jeannette Glass Company.

After I was married, my Mom and Dad came for a visit.  Searching for something to do, we all piled into the car and went to a local flea market.  What a wonderful site at the market!  There were rows and rows of vendors with the most beautiful glassware I had ever seen.  Pinks, greens, blues, all the colors of the rainbow.  As we  walked around, my Mom convinced me that I should start my own collection of antique glassware.  Collecting antique glassware had given her so much joy, she wanted to share this experience with me.  Where to start and what to buy?  A hard decision, but I finally settled on a beautiful pink color cake plate.  The cake plate was covered with beautiful flowers and in the center was a cluster of cherries.  I later learned that the name for this pattern was Cherry Blossom.  This too was a depression era pattern manufactured by the Jeannette Glass Company.  The same company that had manufactured the Iris pattern my Mom had loved for so many years.

Depression Glass Among Three Generations

Depression Glass Among Three Generations

This was the start of my depression era glassware collecting.  In time, I hope my passion and love of this beautiful glassware will be passed on to my daughters and granddaughters.

Sharing stories and collecting through the generations.  What a great way to discover and learn about the generations of antique glassware.